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Normal, Abnormal and Meta-Normal Life

Human evolution isn’t finished & complete: it’s barely off the ground! The greater majority of mankind exists in a sub-human condition of imposed normality, blind & endarkened to the sleeping giants genetically endowed within us all. We face heretofore unprecedented challenges of healthy survival and thriving, ones grossly endangering future generations. Of all challenges to overcoming our extinction by ensuring a humane future for succeeding generations, health and wellness reign supreme. This post holds we must move from the encapsulating dominant social trance of abnormal ‘normality’ in favor of an actualization of our innate sleeping potentialities for becoming next humans, what I call meta-normal, or beyond-normal, self-actualizers.

The Norm: In-forming/Shaping Normality

Well into the second decade of the 21st century, it’s high time to update ourselves, leaving behind out dated, worn out ideas. That’s not an easy task. We’re supersaturated with them. It’s said an idea repeated a thousand times over becomes a de facto, ingrained ‘truth’ ̶ rendering dislodging such illusions a tough grind.

In our culture, the options are twofold: you’re either normal or abnormal. And we cautiously avoid being branded as abnormally deviant.

The truth be told, contemporary humans live lives of remarkable abnormality. We are deviants of our ancestrally forged, rich genetic heritage. In 1988 Eaton, Shostack, and Konner’s landmark breakthrough book The Paleolithic Prescription established that the non-infectious, non-communicable diseases Western civilization suffers from are unknown by surviving hunter/gatherer populations: both groups share exactly the same genes. So what gives?

21st century exercise physiology based on genomics & proteonomics ̶ the science of how our genes respond to signals triggering cascades of cellular biochemical responses ̶ indicates normal contemporary life is unfriendly & adverse to normal genetic functioning. Ancestrally inherited genetic wisdom is primed to make us healthy & thriving, enabling us to mate and pass on genes for living success to offspring.

Throughout our long evolutionary journey, almost from birth, kids’ development and survival hinged on being adroitly physically fit for survival into healthy adulthood and further mating. In our times, those closest to ancestrally normal are life long athletes.

Our entire medical-industrial system of accessing and diagnosing health rests on diagnoses and statistics accounting for contemporary living. By ancestral genetic expression, today’s normal is ancestrally abnormal. Yep. Our standard of normal is genetically abnormal. The Paleolithic Prescription didn’t go that far in its assessment only because it’s an artifact of the pre-genome era. Match it up with genomics/proteonomics and it’s findings become explosively revolutionary.

Medical use of the word insult means damage, trauma, injury. Contemporary standards of normal unwittingly characterize insults to your genetic potential for healthy thriving!

Bio-Markers Re-Visioned

Modern annual physical exams put focused attention on blood panels giving your physician a repertoire of bio-markers ̶ markers pin pointing vital biochemical measures of how you’re doing. Blood panels can range from a page or two to many pages. Contemporary usage of short form bio-markers look at readings that might be off centered and mandating prescriptions of pharmaceuticals to manage existing conditions such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, and the like. What they really measure is a whole different story.

Given that contemporary genetic expression results in abnormal human conditions, our bio-markers are indexed to human genetic abnormality. What’s more, medical notions of health mean ‘absence of disease.’ If you’re not sick, then you must be healthy. What’s wrong with this vision: simply put, it doesn’t characterize attributes of being healthy, instead merely says you’re not measurably sick.

Thanks to genomics and proteonomics, it’s now known that being sick is very different than being on the long journey of becoming progressively sick. Our blood panels do not and cannot measure the process of sickness onset. That process can take 20, 30 or more years. The biochemistry of slow metabolic erosion, steadily progressing breaking down, is merely under the radar of today’s testing. That means erosion is sure as hell going on and it just is outside of today’s technology of measurement and diagnosis.

That’s by no means true. There’s a real simple method of measuring degeneration in action. It’s as simple as measuring body composition. The big tell tale indicator of metabolic breakdown is early onset sarcopenia. Not sarcopenia as profound indication of muscle wasting. Just the slow erosive process. You can see it with the naked eye, needing no high technology tools. Expanding waist line, cellulite spoiling feminine thighs and hips, lowering sexual drive for men and women, loss of strength and firm muscle mass ̶ those phenomena blindly attributed to middle age.

Orderly Chaos Training™ ̶ The Meta-Normal Leading Edge

Tufts scientists prescribed anaerobic weight resistance training for preventing, stopping and reversing sarcopenia. Shortly thereafter, Dr Wayne Westcott’s applications resulted in two pioneering books demonstrating the efficacy of resistance training based on Nautilus/HIT principles at a Massachusetts YMCA. So successful has his work been that waiting lists resulted.

My work is focused in contributing to a grassroots revolution in preventative and rejuvenating self-care. Physical training is primary for preventing, arresting and reversing the grossly evident bio-marker of muscle loss and muscle wasting. We’re still stuck with 20th century ideas of training incongruent with 21st century science! Bodhi-Building’s Orderly Chaos Training™ moves training out of ‘normal’ 20th century cookie cutter training ideas, taking a quantum leap forward to training for meta-normal wellness.

What’s meta-normal? Meta-normal means ‘beyond or outside of normal.’ Normal training notions are rooted in 20th century strength and conditioning practices bringing success to athletic prowess. Standard approaches to fitness training amount to less intense, less demanding practices than those guiding athletic performance. Programs are written by a rote cookie-cutter approach falsely assuming one size fits all. Long term sustainability is easily measured by attrition of gym memberships driving the fitness industry to a feeding frenzy under the mantra of ‘recruitment and retention.’ Something’s drastically wrong if recruitment and retention drive an industry: success should breed waiting lists, not constant bait for getting referrals.

The task of meta-normal conditioning radically differs from standard practices. Rooted in emerging 21st science, Bodhi-Building’s roots are in bodybuilding ̶ the art and science of building enduring muscle. For a sedentary population sickened by lifestyle, muscle developing bodybuilding aims at developing genetically normal ancestral fitness. Bodhi-Building’s standard of meta-normality recognizes average, normal people get sick by virtue of under developed genetic requirements, hence our genetically normal person will become aesthetically athletic in appearance due to living up the their genes’ plans for them.

Why a basis in bodybuilding? Of all training and athleticism, bodybuilding is the master art and science of building lean muscle. Bodybuilding training puts primary emphasis on building high quality lean muscle mass, with considerations of absolute power and strength along with athleticism of secondary importance. For those afflicted by or entering into muscle wasting, your only sensible guiding objective is Stopping the Waste ̶ you’re reversing from Metabolic Syndrome to Genetic Thriving Syndrome!

Bodhi-Building orchestrates latest science in union with training know-how and wisdom producing fast results then sustains them for a lifetime. Workouts are not long, and are focused to the point. And progressive: in time, training should adapt to improved recuperative physiology facilitating expression for four to six brief sessions per week. With Noetic development, your conscious awareness grows to prevent the double edged sword of under training or over training.

So what’s the system, what’s its programs? There are none. We mentor individuals for their personal growth into self-mastery. With Orderly Chaos Training™ the substance of workouts changes from session to session. Why? There’s a wide range of options based on sets, reps, full and partial movements, step movements, static holds with mindfulness to appropriate Time Under Tension being paramount. Our training emphasizes training the wide range of dormant potentials. The other key is a meta-normal psychological principle that’s accessed, organized and then stabilized: intensity of effort, not measurable with weight on a bar but, instead, by emergence of self-mastery.

That’s an introduction to Bodhi-Building and its Orderly Chaos Training™, a rather lengthy one at that. The objective here has been introducing a revolutionary new way of meta-normal training addressing the health care crisis of our time ̶ an issue who’s resolution amounts to nothing less than an evolutionary step forward in human consciousness.

©2013, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

About Trans-Evolutionary Fitness

At age 14 I was a science geek whose life was irreversibly changed upon lifting a barbell: I became a Physical Culturist whose science roots rendered me a walking question mark, a Free Thinker. Fascinated by rumor of a mind-muscle or mind-body connection I sought in vane for answers, all but laughed out of the Western academy. Graduate work in a Japanese Buddhist university bestowed beginner's understanding of how consciousness results in mental, emotional and physical embodiment along with voluntary control of our lives. I became a Kyoshi of the Jodo Shin heritage of Japanese Buddhism in 1972, then went on earning further competencies in Western psychological and gnostic traditions. Human wisdom heritages offer a heartfelt understanding of how consciousness creatively embodies us so greatly needed for both facing the anthropocene crisis and gaining self-mastery by a quantum leap to a meta-biological orientation to life. Trans-Evolutonary Fitness, my other blogs, and podcast all stand as contributions supporting a grassroots Renaissance of well being.
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  1. Wild…this is very much what Johnston and I are into…

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