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Secret Mind, Hidden Mind

Events of 2020 forced me to take stock of myself in a new way. Between Covid-19 Pandemic and world response to it, most especially in America, sense of being alien to the dominant culture was underscored in a mix of … Continue reading

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The Easy Natural Way

Steps Toward a grassroots Life Culture Renaissance After slightly more than 7 years (an astrological cycle?), major redirection of activity is taking place. Everything is being consolidated under one website roof, a transition from two blogs and an archive of … Continue reading

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Gnowing Wisdom – The Survival of the Wisest

Human evolution remains ongoing,  unfinished and by all appearances firmly stuck in a quagmire all its own making: a pale veneer composed of a multitude of seemingly long term, no need to hurry about them, individual challenges — which when … Continue reading

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Myth-Taken: Health & Fitness

“…in the human body, every muscle has an impulse to action and is not fully alive unless one is in action.”                                                 Joseph Campbell, Transformations of Myth Through Time   Everybody knows exercise is good for them — whether or … Continue reading

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Fitness with an Attitude: BodhiBuilding™

Beings raised in sub-optimum evolutionary circumstance will require some level of supra-evolutionary countermeasure to offset those effects. BodhiBuilding is what I’ve named it: it’s core is fitness and health as an attitude, an imperturbable understanding. You won’t find it in … Continue reading

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Genius Gene BodhiBuilding ̶ Orderly Chaos Training™

Normal, Abnormal and Meta-Normal Life Human evolution isn’t finished & complete: it’s barely off the ground! The greater majority of mankind exists in a sub-human condition of imposed normality, blind & endarkened to the sleeping giants genetically endowed within us … Continue reading

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Wise Up!

What prevents modern people from taking heed and putting into practice simple measures known to prevent onset of the degenerative diseases running ramped at pandemic levels in Western civilization? Is it a lack of will power? Cavalier disregard? Or steadfast … Continue reading

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Renewal ̶ Letting It Rip!

This blog post has been a long time coming. A real long time ̶ it’s been brewing for 55 years. For most of that time discussion was limited, real limited. Only a year ago did certain internal pressures convince me … Continue reading

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Post- Modern Paleo: A New Copernican Revolution? “We are evolution becoming conscious of itself.” – Sir Julian Huxley, 1959  Certain turning points occur in the course of human history, seemingly simple introduction of a new idea resulting in wide sweeping … Continue reading

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