Fitness with an Attitude: BodhiBuilding™

Beings raised in sub-optimum evolutionary circumstance will require some level of supra-evolutionary countermeasure to offset those effects.

BodhiBuilding is what I’ve named it: it’s core is fitness and health as an attitude, an imperturbable understanding. You won’t find it in the fitness industry nor in medical care. It’s been more than fifty years in the making and exists only here on the official blog of BodhiBuilding. Understand it to be an unparalleled  new paradigm of fitness and health spanning a spectrum of practical applications ranging from therapeutics to peak performance; however, BodhiBuilding’s chief mission is mentoring preventative self-care by optimizing innate, genetic, natural yet largely dormant human resources. By means of whole person training and education, those dormant resources are accessed, organized and stabilized for sustainable fitness and health. BodhiBuilding is the very first integrative paradigm orchestrating whole person fitness and health by uniting contemporary science and traditional wisdom.

 Revealing BodhiBuilding to be an attitude, an imperturbable understanding, is a new paradigm simply because it’s outside of the box of traditional, out dated notions of fitness and health. None of our traditional guiding models offer an integrated wisdom orientation. Instead they’re specialized, uncoordinated and fragmented — most often as not as old fashion, out dated stereotypes not up to speed with contemporary science and completely in the dark regarding wisdom traditions. It’s no small wonder we’re a nation of out of shape individuals in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis stemming from not understanding preventative self-care. Worse still, we’re not educated to gain an understanding of the simple, natural basic principles optimizing genetic expression of our lives as thriving fulfillment, fitness and health.

 For the first time, BodhiBuilding addresses and integrates the three dynamic aspects necessary for preventative self-care (including recovery of health) ensuring optimal exuberant thriving of your life.

 BodhiBuilding’s three foundational pillars are irreducible dynamic aspects of whole person health and fitness. You can’t emphasize one or two at the expense of the others: taken as a whole, all three are vital for optimal thriving due to their synergy. Synergy means the sum is greater than just adding up the parts. In order words, BodhiBuilding’s three pillar synergy can be expressed as 1+1+1>3! Those aspects are developed concurrently, together at the same time, bringing about integrative results. Better still, they give birth to fitness and health with an attitude.

 Of the three pillars, Noetics elevates BodhiBuilding beyond the pale ken of the fitness industry, the medical industry, the supplement industry, and others. Noetics moves you from passive ‘follow the leader’ investment in external authorities, purposefully empowering self-mastery by taken control of your attitude with self-understanding. Neither fitness nor medicine as we known them aims to develop self-mastery. Think of it this way: fitness and medical care are not aimed at you gaining sufficient self-understanding to be granted a diploma signifying having graduated. By keeping you bound to experts, you remain alienated as a stranger to your self. You run the risks associated with detrimental reliance with those treating you as a number or a statistic. Your health depends on gaining freed independence with self-understanding. That’s fitness and health with an attitude, with an imperturbable understanding.

 The Three Foundational Pillars of BodhiBuilding

 1. Dietary environment stresses optimizing health and fitness by means of conscious selection of nutrient dense whole foods and orthomolecular nutriceuticals. Nutriceuticals refers to what are commonly called supplements including but not limited to vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other natural substances enhancing one’s biochemistry as raw ingredients for a thriving metabolism. Other natural substances can include NAC (n-acetyl cysteine), cittruline malate, creatine monohydrate, and numerous others known to enhance wellness. Hormone replacement therapies are also included as optional to your dietary environment.

 2. Robust physical activity favors what is commonly thought of as bodybuilding for development and maintenance of healthy genetic expression slowing down the aging process and preventing degenerative diseases. In an era beset by myriad commercial panaceas for exercise, the simple, irrefutable fact is that for general fitness needs bodybuilding training is fast, simple, and efficient in satisfying the primary training goals associated with attaining sustainable health and fitness. Optimizing natural skeletal muscle builds an interest bearing reserve of vitality.

BodhiBuilding does not promote cookie cutter, one size fits all fitness solutions since it is client centered upholding the needs and dignity of individuals.

 3. Of the three foundational pillars of BodhiBuilding, Noetics is the least known and most significant. Noetic comes from the ancient Greek noēsis / noētikos, referring to that mix of personal subjective understanding, direct & unfiltered knowing, and a sense of inner wisdom.

 The first two foundational pillars, dietary environment and robust physical activity, are the centerpieces of traditional Physical Culture. Both are known to work close to miracles when genuinely understood and applied. Yet neither goes far enough in either comprehending or ensuring successful preventative resolution to today’s threats to personal thriving in fitness and health. Let’s call them necessary conditions, but only by themselves not sufficient conditions ensuring preventative self-care. Diet provides raw materials which activity signals your DNA programs to make biochemical use of for health and wellbeing; however, the greater Noetic environment plays a major role in metabolic health, or not.

 Some succeed with long term fitness and health. Sadly, the majority of persons undertaking self-improvement dramatically fail. The fitness industry thrives on failures: they sell annual  memberships, hoping only a small percentage makes use of them — were the majority of members regularly active, gyms would prove too small for the crowds using them! Training support rarely works well due to an absence of Noetic know-how.

 Introducing Noetics

 I’ve chosen to use Noetics simply because it’s not a well known word, hence far less likely to promote confusion or trigger adverse associations with words generally both over used and applied with myriad meanings. Much of our knowledge of Noetics comes from ancient wisdom cultures; however, over the last fifty years growing sophistication in the neurosciences has brought about a meeting of contemporary neuroscience and traditional wisdom know how resulting in emerging sciences (plural) of consciousness.

 Emerging new sciences of consciousness remain somewhat marginalized by traditional scientific orthodoxies. Conservative religions meet them with predictable knee jerk reactions.

Wisdom traditions from around the world share a common understanding of human consciousness. They teach us that there are two kinds of truth. One is the virtually unquestioned truths of our conventional world, including beliefs about the nature of reality, of people, and of ourselves. Beliefs constituting ‘ordinary reality’ are gained by  growing up within a specific culture — learned at home, at school, at church, and by means of information media. Most of us don’t question those beliefs, instead taking them for granted as ‘the way things are.’

The Paleolithic Prescription (1988) written by physician-anthropologists burst the bubble concerning common sense based taken for granted notions of health. The implications of the book are both far reaching and revolutionary. When you consider that 18% of the domestic national product is earned by the medical-industrial complex, a book showing that the rapidly escalating pandemic of degenerative diseases sweeping Western culture are due to adverse diet and lack of physical activity is simply a revolutionary insight. Add to that another significantly large portion of the DNP earned by the industrial food complex of business, and the significance of the book could be threatening to major segments of the economy. The book has not enjoyed great success in its 25 year history, and only with the Paleo movement of the past decade has a segment of society taken it seriously.

By no means is a sweeping condemnation of the food and medical movements implied. They are part and parcel of our culture, their activities largely composed of doing what’s culturally taken for granted as doing the right thing. Those who condemn them on the basis of ignorance or conspiracy have missed the point. The Paleolithic Prescription using tools of both medicine and cross-cultural anthropological analysis offered a moment of awakening we ought to take seriously by implementing the principle of awakening.

Traditional wisdom regards our taken for granted outlook and beliefs on life as a sort of ‘normal waking trance’ associated with post-hypnotic phenomena. Up to our first fifteen years of life are spent unquestioningly absorbing what we’ve been told is true. Beyond that, our education teaches us to think within those beliefs. We never question them. For wisdom traditions, we remain alienated and estranged to the nature of our own minds — we’re unknowing, unwitting captives of what’s taken for granted. And what’s taken for granted has exceptionally powerfully strong emotional roots. Too great a challenge to what’s taken for granted is scary, often feeling as if madness is intruding. For our emotional comfort and well being, dutifully adhering to ‘common sense’ keeps us safe and protected.

Wisdom traditions observe the normal waking trance to be one of woefully incomplete understanding of life. Worse still, a condition utterly devoid of self-understanding. Variously called endarkenment, illusion, or simply blindness, that condition is characterized by subconscious domination by our emotions making us subject to the chronic stress, alienation, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions plaguing contemporary life. In that respect, multiple billions of dollars are earned annually for use of psychiatric drugs treating those symptoms along with a huge industry of illegal drug use weakening the moral fiber of our population.

 The good news is traditional wisdom says you can doing something to free yourself, to optimize your experience of life — and in a way freeing you of anxiety and denial when it comes to making beneficial choices for options outside the box of taken for granted. Biggest still, the power to do that resides naturally within you. You just need to learn to harness the power of your consciousness.

 Here’s where I’ve chosen to use Noetics. The way out of the trap is training. Most all of the commonly used words bear lots of associations, many of the sort that a sane person would be skeptical about if not just run in the opposite direction! Tradition wisdom directs you to begin turning attention inward to your own consciousness. Words like meditation, contemplation, and others are commonly used. The odd thing is all those words come from Western religion, hence have next to no commonality with wisdom traditions. Noetics focuses on a mix of personal subjective understanding, direct & unfiltered knowing, and a sense of inner wisdom.

Beginning Noetic training teaches you how to calmly settle down then focus on a single phenomena inside yourself. Guess what? Something that simple reveals how scattered, fragmented, and distracted our ordinary, taken for granted consciousness amounts to. The technique is called mindfulness from the word vipassana. But mindfulness is a mistranslation of vipassana. the ‘vi-‘ prefix implies ‘nondual mindfulness’ — it’s aim is to get beyond being self-divided, to become wholehearted in focus. Most often mindfulness is taught as a sitting activity. Some short mindfulness sitting sessions throughout the day have immense whole person fitness and health benefits. Mindfulness is generally taught for stress management.

Noetic development goes beyond stress management. As your skills deepen, you will begin to ‘see through and rise above’ the subconscious programs that set off knee jerk reactions to stress. Recent studies have shown that as little as eight weeks of twice daily mindfulness workouts facilitate remodeling of brain activity resulting in less knee jerk stress reactions due to higher areas of the conscious prefrontal cerebral cortex taking over interpretation of environmental phenomena. And that’s just 8 weeks of learning.

There are several turning points along the wisdom way. Wisdom claims you can transform your consciousness to become liberated from emotional stress reactions. Proof of that occurs when you least expect it, in spontaneous moments of riveting clarity, freedom and unconditioned wellbeing or bliss. That doesn’t mean you’ve arrived — and simply means you’ve had confirming experience that motivates going further. Then comes a point when fitness and health arises seemingly all by itself as your attitude, as your understanding. It’s imperturbable because you can’t backslide or fall off the wagon.

 The Noetics of traditional wisdom call that decisive turning point becoming awake to the nature of self — empowering wisdom gained that sets you free and independent. That’s the cornerstone of health and fitness. Just consider the turmoil and failures, the roller coaster rides from one kind of physical training to another, one diet to another, always seeking solutions outside yourself through experts and gurus. An unstable situation rooted in personal instability caused by lack of knowing yourself. That spells stress.

Stress makes us sick and kills us. All the receptors of our brains exist in leukocytes, those white blood cells of our immune systems. Leukocytes carry neuropeptides to every one of the estimated 50-70 billion cells of our body. That means our emotions are systemic information to every cell of the body. Those messages move to cellular receptors, resulting in emotion as large molecules signaling your DNA. Stress messages stimulate catabolic or tissue disruptive genetic expression. Positive emotions circulating through your body to every cell are cause for rejoicing in benefiting cell repair and growth. Continuing stress suppressed your immune system. Long term subtly wears down and erodes your metabolism. Stress hormones make you gain fat. Yet if chronic stress is a ‘taken for granted’ condition, you’ll succumb to it.

For BodhiBuilding, Noetic practice transforms anaerobic training. That means no distracting video or television screens, no smart phones, and nothing else but development of pure mindfulness of training. You’re no longer lifting weights, you’re mindfully contracting muscles to move weights. You’re working for physiological states including pump, burn, hypoxia, and fatigue. And you’re not resting much between sets. Studies have shown mindful training accomplishes two ends: better training results and enhanced recuperation.

 That’s a brief introduction to BodhiBuilding. Real brief, and perhaps simplistic for that reason. Stay tuned for more.

BodhiBuilding training is available through Inquiries can be made there or by messaging me on Facebook.

 Beings raised in sub-optimum evolutionary circumstance will require some level of supra-evolutionary countermeasure to offset those effects.

©2014, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

About Trans-Evolutionary Fitness

At age 14 I was a science geek whose life was irreversibly changed upon lifting a barbell: I became a Physical Culturist whose science roots rendered me a walking question mark, a Free Thinker. Fascinated by rumor of a mind-muscle or mind-body connection I sought in vane for answers, all but laughed out of the Western academy. Graduate work in a Japanese Buddhist university bestowed beginner's understanding of how consciousness results in mental, emotional and physical embodiment along with voluntary control of our lives. I became a Kyoshi of the Jodo Shin heritage of Japanese Buddhism in 1972, then went on earning further competencies in Western psychological and gnostic traditions. Human wisdom heritages offer a heartfelt understanding of how consciousness creatively embodies us so greatly needed for both facing the anthropocene crisis and gaining self-mastery by a quantum leap to a meta-biological orientation to life. Trans-Evolutonary Fitness, my other blogs, and podcast all stand as contributions supporting a grassroots Renaissance of well being.
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4 Responses to Fitness with an Attitude: BodhiBuilding™

  1. Bill DeSimone says:

    Ken: I’m not in your league as far as experience and education, but that paragraph at the end “For bodhibuilding…” speaks to me. Not as advanced, but that is where I find my own training going. I have to read more of your stuff. Best, Bill DeSimone

  2. Bravo! You did an excellent job up there!
    Wish you all the best! 🙂
    I am waiting for this amazing 21-day Fix Workout and I’m really excited to try it out..

  3. Michael K Jacobsen says:

    Love your work ken profound a real breath of fresh air from what is constantly feed to us via the mass media loving your new show on superhuman radio the trans evolutionary radio has been an excellent introduction to some of the true elderly statesmen of pyhsical culture

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