The Easy Natural Way

Steps Toward a grassroots Life Culture Renaissance

After slightly more than 7 years (an astrological cycle?), major redirection of activity is taking place. Everything is being consolidated under one website roof, a transition from two blogs and an archive of podcasts to development of a fully consolidated resource center.

We’re irrevocably faced with the major crisis of our evolutionary history — the Anthropocene or ‘man made’ crisis. Almost daily news accounts attest to that crisis growing exponentially in severity — due to callous disregard for the well being of the environmental Life of our planet, and the well being of the living inhabitants of Spaceship Earth. Unprecedented greed for power and wealth drive the majority of world leaders in creating policies empowering still further blind greed at the expense of perpetuity of planetary life.

TranEvolutionary Fitness is non-political in orientation. Perhaps a-political. Largely since politicians have taught us well to not to  squander valuable resources by extending unwarranted faith and trust. In the spirit of Francois Rabelais, Mark Twain and H.L. Menchen, we uphold the dignity and educability of humans. Our mission contributes to a grassroots Life Culture Renaissance. Not a revolution, not a rebellion but instead a true re-awakening renaissance.

The Latin Renaissance precipitated in 1460 in Florence, due to the vision of Cosimo de Medicci having purchased ancient texts long believed lost due to the active censorship of the Catholic Inquisition. Independent free think was more than heretical to the Dark Ages those of religious blindness were comforted by as The Age of Faith. Modern mass education imposes a similar taboo against free thinking; worse still, modern ‘medical science’ imposes harsh taboos against gaining liberative freedom of your innermost self. So profound is that injunction most people remain steadfastly unaware of the suppressed depths of their ‘self’.

TransEvolutionary Fitness takes inspiration from the European tradition of gymnasia, those private academies entrusted to prepare the spirits, minds, and bodily fitnesses (plural) of youth for successful university careers. And more recently in Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog as a popular vehicle empowering a thriving grassroots counterculture with ideas and tools.

TransEvolutionary Fitness is far more than a politics free zone: it’s also a theory, ideology, dogma, and religion free zone — anything Faith based including religion and Scientism.

We offer an orientating principle of The Natural Way (Jinen Do). For those needing a binding set of rules and practices, we also call it The Easy Natural Way (Igyo Jinen Do, 易行然道) — where ‘easy practice’ is not driven by a desperate neurotic work ethic obsession, but is instead an art, a courting of our dormant human potential.

Jinen Do reflects significant portions of my formative education (MA, Shinshu gaku), work with NLP in the late 1970s, gnostic and hermetic arts from the 1980s, and a lifetime of being a gym rat. Adolescent science education refined by the Physical Culturist old timers of the San Jose CA YMCA have all emphasized William James’ pragmatic orientation to Radical Empiricism.  Applied to the challenges of personal and planetary health and wellness, developing highly empowered and competent skills in naturalistic steward skills becomes a new challenge.

Taking matters a next step in empowerment our driving archetypal image of the way to becoming our shared dormant human potential is by means of Bodhi Building or Wisdom Building.

Taking an aside, you’ve already been exposed to strange words and phrases and foreign terms as well. More are coming. Not in arrogance. By necessity.

We’re stuck. Forty and more years ago Oliver Markley and Willis Harmon published their groundbreaking The Changing Images of Man. They noted how the major leaders of the world had contributed to creating the impasse were stuck within, while none of their visions could move us forward: the culture creating our problems is incapable of solving them.  The book ends with a guide to an emerging new paradigm, one including a facilitating notion of folks making that transition. It didn’t work.

Major portions of my education were in ancient classical languages from cultures without the religious taboos of free thinking and liberating the dormant human potential. Those cultures retain a far bigger, fuller spectrum understanding of human nature. As their best kept secrets.

Best kept secrets

Since we receive next to nothing by way of cultural education in our schooling to induce conformity, we have no genuine notion of what’s shaped our culture and our ways of understanding life. We take it for granted that Western civilization is superior to the rest of the world because our roots are Western and we’re ignorant of anything else.

From the early fifth century Western Europe entered its Dark Ages. The Latin Renaissance of 1460 did not bear lasting relief, spawning unprecedented religious warfare in the misnamed Northern Renaissance that followed. From the time of Descartes (early 17th century) the Church permitted unopposed development of sciences confined to the study of things external to the human mind, things readily observable. Long standing Church dogma concerning much of the nature of reality persisted. As science finally emerged with new independence in the later 19th century, developing a metaphysic that all phenomena can be reduced to physical causes, it nonetheless strictly abided by religious dogma concerning realms of experience. Much of 20th century hard science kept those enduring prejudices alive. Except for the social sciences which began noting anomalous realms of experience outside of Western culture. Today we know those realms of experience are valid and the shortcoming of our science lies not in having no explanation for them but far more seriously lacking in the scientific, intellectual, and ethical strength of leadership to recognize its seriously inept nature.

All of which brings us to two exciting developments for The Natural Way.

First, a far wider range of natural human experience will be honored and investigated in relation to a fuller growing into our Wisdom Body. That includes near death experiences, spontaneous remission from terminal illnesses, out of body experience, the wide range of meta-normal skills and experiences often spontaneously experienced in fine and performing arts, sports and sex.

Second, I’m drawing on the archetypal image of or butsu do — the do/dao of waking up. And in doing so am largely throwing out two centuries of Orientalist misconceptions, misunderstandings so bad that they largely forged a religion they named Buddhism. The idea of an -ism, a dogmatic code, is foreign to so-called Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Daoism. What we have by those words are the works of Western theologians, philosophers, attorneys, and missionaries completely unprepared for dealing with non-Western culture. Especially since one effect of Dark Ages Inquisitional rule of the West was prevention of any sort of psychological understanding developing. Butsudo is a sophisticated understanding of growing into your dormant potentials. One which has a sort of Human Potential Super Human: bosatsu do (薩道), the do/dao of the awakening person. Bosatsu is the Japanese pronunciation of bodhisattva, the bodhi builder phenotype of our secret, hidden entirely natural nature.
As the website grows contributing to catalyzing a grassroots Life Culture Renaissance, those words and ideas will take on the reality of referring to our fuller selves.

Copyright September 2018, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

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Gnowing Wisdom – The Survival of the Wisest

Human evolution remains ongoing,  unfinished and by all appearances firmly stuck in a quagmire all its own making: a pale veneer composed of a multitude of seemingly long term, no need to hurry about them, individual challenges — which when view from the uniting perspective of organic whole systems change shape to an immense, exponentially growing multi-tentacle threat to planetary survival. While we’re prone to think of evolution in terms of our physical nature, most uniquely human is our cultural evolution. As E.O. Wilson told Rebecca Castro, “The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.” Half a century ago and then my academic and gnosis mentor, Professor Edward Conze noted that with a century of unprecedented technological advance no corresponding increase in wisdom can be readily detected.” Balancing the books our account reads exceptionally bankrupt for the wisdom account.

The wisdom accounts? Jonas Salk, MD published his The Survival of the Wisest in 1973, in which due to the gravity of emerging threats to perpetuity of our living planet noted a mandatory next step from biological to meta-biological evolution. Biological evolution has thrived in spite of itself, or has thrived at the expense of greater life: in either case, life has evolved in a rather passive reactionary response to environmental perturbances, pressures and dangers. The planet has reached a point where our all-too-successful human living produces stresses, strains, and toxicity threatening us humans and all other life forms. Worse still, at best we’re marginally aware of our condition and ourselves as its cause. Biological evolution, then, survives and even grows in a pre-conscious to semi-conscious orientation to its life-world.

Meta-biological evolution calls for a profound, irreversible shift in understanding breeding practical, pragmatic ways of life for the benefit of our planetary home. Rising above merely biological reactions threatening feeding, mating, and shelter, that next evolution underscores moving from an almost entertained tourist to competence in taking the driver’s seat. Meta-biological evolution as ‘above and beyond merely biological survival’ heralds an informed, skillful mastery of proactive co-evolutionary competency.

Trans-Evolutionary Fitness (TEF) began as a blog, then branched out as a podcast, all originating 8 years ago. After a four-year hiatus, the blog is back while the podcast came back in mid-2017. Where did they go? They went out on my version of Sonny Rollins catwalk retreat out on the Williamsburg Bridge. Rollins hit one of those vital snags in his music, one mandating getting out of town. With no studio available, the Williamsburg Bridge catwalk became his laboratory for three nightly years, resulting in release of his 1962 album The Bridge.

I stand by earlier posts to this blog, but with the caveat the game has changed. Big time changed — despite having inspiration from Jonas Salk, bigger implications had not yet become expressed within my understanding.
TEF came about from involvement with a leading edge medical clinic. Specializing in preventing, arresting, and ever reversing the plague of Chronic Degenerative Diseases proliferating today, I moved from peak performance oriented training to applications more therapeutic in nature. Before standard allopathic medicine gained dominant authority from the 1950s, the more naturalistic Physical Culture reigned. My entry into Physical Culture as a high school student was tempered by a strong bias for scientific empiricism, resulting in never kowtowing to the absolute authority demanded by semi-scientific medicine. Joining the clinic amplified the importance of Wm. James’ radical empiricism — that version of pragmatic science that welcomes abnormalities and anomalies as the catalysts for bigger, better science. Clinical experience also revealed how modern medicine has us encumbered by Golden Handcuffs: at once rich in miraculous breakthroughs without healthy counter balance to a Dark Side maintained as a new Inquisitional authoritarianism. Worse still, an authoritarianism rendered as Federal law all too often.

Earlier blog entries testify to the holistic evolutionary paradigm that emerged. And of that, the unaddressed or marginalized role of mind in our culture certainly expressed in medicine. Patient compliance didn’t happen with activity underscoring restoration of metabolic fitness hewn over millions of years of our evolutionary history. We were doing evolutionary medicine in the context of biological evolution while aiming for meta-biological outcomes.

TEF advocates its unique Three Pillars of Fitness: (1) nutrient dense whole foods, (2) anaerobic activity stimulating cellular maintenance & repair, preventing becoming a member of the pandemic of killer sarcopenia, and (3) noetics.

I confess. I hedged using noetics. There has been immense, almost therapeutic relief, becoming involved with the Sports, Energy, Consciousness Group movement. Throughout most of my public life I’ve kept its two major portions separated as a defense. Everyone in SEC (Sports, Energy, Consciousness Group) has experienced their version of the dilemma. Being athletes on the one hand, while on the other having non-normative experience. What kind? For a long time talking about experiencing ‘flow states’ in sport bordered on taboo. You became marked as weird — or worse. Heaven forbid actively pursuing disciplines deepening non-normal experience. So, I tried being clever using ‘noetic’ for ‘consciousness’ or ‘mind’ to defuse objections with a thin disguise.

Consciousness or Mind are the crux of the matter for that irreversible quantum leap from our currently flawed, immensely failing mode of semi-consciousness rendered through thousands of years of biological evolution followed by floundering steps in cultural evolution. Fueled by its technological superiority in recent centuries Western concepts of problem solving came to dominate much of the world. Astonishingly enough, for most of its long history understanding the mind which does problem solving was strictly taboo: even with emergence of Science with the Enlightenment the Church stood firm insisting the mind is seat of the soul, hence the indisputable providence of the Church.

When asked what I do? What my training is? I’m hard pressed to answer. Because my reply makes no real sense in our culture. The main life I’ve lived as been at great sacrifice to the creature comforts most take for granted. I survived by my wits. Meanwhile pursuing study, research, experimentation in “wisdom” traditions. Supporting intelligent understanding of that work extended work into yet other disciplines and languages. Always with passion, most often a long lonely trek rewarding for itself and the strength and understanding empowered as an outcome. Always included were weekly hours with black iron in gyms, the more primal, machine-free the better. Building strength of body, mind, spirit, emotions leading to Bodhi Building.

As a teenage athlete hints, rumors and speculation of a mind-muscle, mind-body connection fueled my imagination. But that’s where it stopped: beyond imagination we had no concrete sources for learning, training, growth of skills and an experience based understanding. My undergraduate majors sought answers, gaining only rebuke by academicians. Due to professional wrestlers met while still in my teens, I’d gained the impression some other cultures were in the know about the mind-body connection. Of American athletes of that period, several Olympians were Japanese-Americans noted for mental mastery. My quest failed in Western pursuits, graduate school filled my hunger learning first hand the maps and techniques of mind-muscle connectivity. Further work in Kyoto led to becoming the third Anglo-American ever certified as a teaching master (Kyoshi, 教師; equivalent to Roshi, 老師) in 1972. Subsequently, Professor Conze advised also mastering several Western gnosis disciplines in order to gain a fuller discovery.

Those credentials mean little: instead, exposure to non-normative wisdom heritages, including the necessity of mastering them on their own terms including their own classical languages and training, in-formed and shaped an emerging understanding.

Understanding. A key word in transformational disciplines. Our Western heritage since the 5th century became authoritarian dogmatism, one that persecuted free thinking of any sort. In order for Churchiainity to emerge, it had to squash all threatening forces. The greatest threat counted as free thinking resulting in iron clad free understanding known as gnosis. Gnosis is not a dogma, doctrine, ideology, or theology, not  a conclusion to linear rational thinking, not a force fragmenting persons and lives. The spiritual heritages spawned in China and India emphasize gnosis, as did the Greek mysteries, Egyptian and other mystery schools, then became the most persecuted heresy of Churchiainity. Reintroduction of gnosis facilitated emergence of the Free-Thinking Humanism of the Latin Renaissance, fueling both the scientific and spiritual renewal of that era. From the Enlightenment both Churchiainity and Scientism forbid knowledge of mind, thwarting development of psychology in the West until William James broke the taboo by establishing the first psychology study at Harvard in 1878.

First mentors warned me more than 50 years ago: you can’t trust interpretations of Buddhism, Dao, Hinduism. You have to learn the original languages and workout with their training programs. No one was too clear about why that was. Took growth of anthropological and psychological sciences to spell it out. The big difference? Free-Thinking was taboo for so long I the West that we simply lost any sense of it, and with that of understanding how our minds work. A gap of nearly 16 centuries is difficult to overcome; one whose roots make it closer to 26 centuries are monumental. We suffered a Gnosis Deficiency Disorder without a clue.

Much of my life has been engaged in unravelling the secret story of consciousness East and West, and its practical application to the mind-muscle connection. Now the health/wellness embodiment. More significantly Meta-Biological Evolution and Bodhi Building Play as a vehicle of discovery, embodiment, and catalyzing a grassroots Renaissance. As Salk noted, the stakes are clear: sustainable planetary survival by means of a new phenotype of co-evolutionary thriving.

Watch for TEF activities contributing to Next Evolution. Join in. We’re struggling on the margins so patrons are always cause of gratitude and thanksgiving. Get going, get Gnowing your Bodhi.

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Myth-Taken: Health & Fitness

“…in the human body, every muscle has an impulse to action and is not fully alive unless one is in action.”

                                                Joseph Campbell, Transformations of Myth Through Time


Everybody knows exercise is good for them — whether or not they do anything about it. And everyone knows diet is a key to good health. The scale’s tipped in favor of most  everyone also knowing stress kills. So how is it Western civilization grows sicker of unnecessary diseases preventable with exercise, diet and containment of stress?

I’ve sought in vain for solid answers. Fitness industry publications regularly discuss their version of the problem with the ‘Two R’s’ — recruitment and retention of members. As much as we know the health bestowing benefits of exercise, recruiting people to sign up earmarks major marketing expenditures to getting them started. Once started, the next task is membership retention.

 Physicians and other health care workers tell their version of the same story with a different word: compliance. Examinations & diagnoses resulting in prescriptions including lifestyle modification just aren’t well followed. And when they are, more success occurs with dutiful compliance to popping pills than getting control of lifestyle.

 What’s alarming among health & fitness professionals is a subtle yet pervasive ‘blame the patient’ explanation of failure. It’s said patients/clients lack motivation, don’t take their situation seriously enough, and myriad other reasons. Most of those reasons boil down to psychologizing failure — explaining it in terms of some psychological deficit of the patient/client.

 I’ve long been troubled by failure of individuals to live by health & fitness principles generally agreed upon in our culture — but disinclined to buy into psychologizing as blame the victim. After all, those who also live in disregard of health principles eventually pay for it — becoming victims with serious health challenges. Carl Lanore mentioned a study done in England some years ago demonstrating on the average it takes three near death experiences to wake up an individual. We’re apparently looking at a very serious, deeply seated challenge.

 What follows is the first of a series on the topic. Originally intended as a single post, research and writing soon blossomed into far more than anticipated. What’s more, far too much for a single sensible post. In this first entry, we’ll explore a startling discovery, the kind normally not thought of. Blame it my maverick life’s journey: born in the year of the Monkey of the Chinese zodiac, insatiable curiosity runs wild as a passion for explorations and journeys of discovery account for a non-normal way of understanding. So hang on to your seat since we’re entering the forest where it’s thickest and their is no path.

Myth: Emic and Etic

 The secondary meaning of myth is that of a widely held yet false belief or idea. In our times, among the educated yet rather culturally illiterate, myth has come to mean the antagonistic opposite of truth — where truth is said to be only the fruit of science. Discussion of that error will occur in a subsequent post. Myth’s primary meaning, one with millennia of use, is that of a traditional story, one concerning earlier people, heroes journeys, and natural and social phenomenon — becoming the possible human dormant within us all.

 Myth is inescapable. Born into a given culture as a blank slate, our first fifteen or so years are a period of prolonged infancy marked by dependency. Newer science employing electroencephalogram technology used to measure specific brain wave activity indicates through age seven to eight, children’s brains exhibit activity otherwise found in hypnosis and that state in-between sleep and awakening. In that period, children absorb everything experienced, everything told to them — and without judgment, taking it all up as literal, factive truth. Kid’s say the darndest things! We know not that such learning forms much of the content of the subconscious mind. What’s more, even in adulthood, our conscious minds account for somewhere between 3-5% of our waking activity: our subconscious mind is busily at work all of the time interpreting experience with beliefs fixed early in life — beliefs that aren’t rational and cannot be addressed by the rational conscious mind.

For many, the subconscious has come to mean that place where programs are busily at work, filtering and making meaning of sensory experience. That’s true. But not to be confused with programs as we know them in our computers and smart phones. Our stored information is complex, memory a composite of experiences involving all five of our sensory systems — audio, touch, taste, smell, and visual. While considerable attention is given our subconscious in psychotherapies — regarding subconscious beliefs about ourselves — our range of subconscious beliefs is far larger than merely those applying to self. Subconscious learning orients us to the world, to reality, rife with beliefs and expectations about the nature of nearly everything. On a collective level, those beliefs form an unconscious social and cultural mythology about life. That’s how we become enculturated from an early age.

Early anthropologists faced a huge problem in attempting to understand other cultures. Due to their own Euro-American biases, they held you can understand another culture by gathering its beliefs; in turn, those beliefs form an ideology, a doctrine, a dogma, even a religion, all said to be rational. Since that orientation failed, they came up with the emic versus etic distinction.

 Emic research aims at understanding how people think, how they perceive and categorize their world. Its focus requires staying within a culture, without bias or judgment, understanding it on its own terms. No interpretation allowed. Etic research, on the other hand, moves outside a given culture to interpret from an impartial perspective. It is on the etic level of discussion comparison of cultures occurs, as well as analysis. Our journey begins within orientation of the emic — the emic, largely subconscious collective mythology of health care and ftiness.

 Into the Belly of the Whale

 Health & fitness care involves many disciplines in our culture, including medicine, pharmacology, physiology, dentistry, the fitness industry, alternative medicine, dietary movements, the vitamin and supplement industries — just for starters. All make claims, all hold authority, and all are frustrated for good reason.

 What seems to escape attention is that our system of education offers little to nothing in health & fitness care curriculum. At best, programs bordering on personal hygiene count! But we know everyone has a deep and abiding set of beliefs about health & fitness care. Fleshing them out in a summary manner reveals an emic story, one when consolidated is a collective, taken for granted myth. Remember, myth used here respects that story, never invalidating it. After all, it’s taken for granted, acted upon, informing persons in decision making and the conduct of their lives.

 Supplanting and amplifying our primary, subconscious beliefs, attitudes and expectations concerning health & fitness is information media: the Internet, television and print media. And that comes in two major versions. One is health report updates with news broadcasts. Information media is paid for by sponsors, and likely one out of seven paid advertisements on television is a health care advertisement. Just think about it: those ads are for specific diseases — diseases of body, mind, and emotions — competing standards of treatment for common diseases. Uncommon diseases afflicting small populations hardly merit huge advertising expenditures. So what do we learn about health & fitness care — more specifically, how does targeted advertising contribute not just to a specific treatment, but to a wider myth of health & fitness care? What is the nature of that myth — what does it have you believe about the human condition?

In summary form, here it is: At the moment of your conception, your genes were formed. That means you were locked into inalterable fate since your genes can’t be changed. And you’re taught diseases run in families, a powerful suggestion that those diseases have been inherited in your genes. There’s no turning back of the clock, no genetic replacement surgeries. You’re stuck. Assuming you’re going to develop heart disease, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, high ‘bad’ cholesterol and others, those unfortunate diseases can be managed with medicines. If they get worse, you may have to see one or more specialists.

 We understand health care to be out of our hands, something we turn to medical authorities for help. We know of type II diabetes, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, low T, miracle drugs that bring down high levels of bad cholesterol, aids for sleep, medicines for bipolar disease. Health care is largely treatment with biochemical pharmaceuticals — and that’s because your own biochemistry has broken down, working against you. Much of disease comes from genetic fate: when your parents conceived you, your fate was cast by the genes you got. There’s nothing you can do about those genes — they’ve determined your condition. If needed, surgeries might save you, or perhaps radiation and chemotherapy. What’s more, you must be careful of quacks — those persons falsely claiming medical authority while offering alternative cures. In most cases, diseases can’t be cured, however they can be contained and maintained to slow inevitable downward erosion and extending your life expectancy. This is all said to be science, entirely naturalistic.

 We’ve made a myth-take. Our notion of health care & fitness is  one of disease care applied to degenerating lives.

Myths of destruction are rare. The nature of myth is to enliven, inspire, rejuvenate to have an experience of life. That process is called mythologization. Our myth, however, is one of pathologizing. Genes cause disease — it’s that simple. As we’ll find in subsequent posts, science has moved beyond genetic determinism: at best, perhaps as much as 5% of all diseases have roots in genetics. But not so in the mythic realm of disease care.

 As a practical matter, the disease care orientation dehumanizes, demeans and debilitates human imagination, resulting in a sense of alienation and ennui from our very lives. We’re stuck and nothing can be done about it.

 My presentation may seem simplistic. After all, how could sophisticated early 21st century humans buy into what’s blatantly a simplistic myth? How can they not? Look around you. That myth, posing as a generally accepted scientific standard, resides as the basis of health care insurance — whether it be private health insurance corporations, Medicare, or other options. It’s the dancing tune to hospital policies. Physician education establishes it, while mandatory physician continuing education credits update its latest versions.


 The Pheonix arising from ashes of destruction.


 Folks failing to heed the call of exercise and diet suffer from competing voices of authority — whether or not they hear them. We address their conscious minds with information aimed to renew their lives, placing them in control of their health and fitness. Decades of reinforced, amplified subconscious conditioning says ‘not so’.

 “Why should I bother myself. After all, my genes are the demons controlling my life; if and when I do get sick, exercise and diet will never have the power of medicines. Our culture relies on medicines no matter what. Those experts advocating exercise and diet, even stress control, aren’t doctors — and if they are doctors, they must be quacks. I’ll go online to Quackwatch and get proof. My faith is invested in doctors and meds.”

That’s what we’re up against. Not a failure of motivation, not indecisiveness, not laziness. A mythology of alienation from our lives, a condition holding health to be an absence of disease. Health is disease deficiency? That’s all that can be said? Such pretense of science has failed.

 From prehistoric times, as evidenced in surviving hunter/gathers, and the living testimony of art, architecture and mythology, our heroes have always been fit. And became fitter by mastering the tests and ordeals giving birth to heroism. They answered the call to greater life, met the challenge, and as heroes returned to impart wisdom to live by to those who would master it. They teach us how to live in the system as a human being, not dehumanized by the system. Our ancestral tradition of myth always celebrates and inspires renewal, optimization of the gift of life, outgrowing the pale ken of the system.

Our disease care model presupposes disease as inevitable, perhaps as the innate human condition. Defining health as the absence of disease is admission the system remains clueless regarding health as anything but a deficit of disease. Pregnancy and aging are now counted as diseased conditions mandating treatment!

 Inserted in this section is a mythic symbol, the Phoenix, giving pause for contemplating arising renewed from the ashen ruin of degeneration and destruction. For the disease care myth not only pathologizes, more significantly it’s dehumanization robs us of our very souls. The Phoenix arises above ruin, spiritually rising as new order, as awakened wisdom of purpose: it says ‘yes’ to life.

 Subsequent posts will focus on renewal by means of vital activity, enlivening activity, whose side effects include health care and fitness — activities expressive of our human passion, thereby enlivening optimal expression of life — including the rich potentials of our human genome, one adapted for thriving and peak living, never pathologizing.

Watch for future posts. And join in the discussion.


Part of my thinking in this article was stimulated remembering a 1993 episode of Northern Exposure. Graham Greene’s character, a sophisticated, very cosmopolitan Native American shaman decides to do anthropological research among the citizens of the town to discover the average white American’s health and healing myths and stories. The episode is stunning. That’s Season 5, Episode 7, “Rosebud” available for viewing free online.

©2014, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.


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Fitness with an Attitude: BodhiBuilding™

Beings raised in sub-optimum evolutionary circumstance will require some level of supra-evolutionary countermeasure to offset those effects.

BodhiBuilding is what I’ve named it: it’s core is fitness and health as an attitude, an imperturbable understanding. You won’t find it in the fitness industry nor in medical care. It’s been more than fifty years in the making and exists only here on the official blog of BodhiBuilding. Understand it to be an unparalleled  new paradigm of fitness and health spanning a spectrum of practical applications ranging from therapeutics to peak performance; however, BodhiBuilding’s chief mission is mentoring preventative self-care by optimizing innate, genetic, natural yet largely dormant human resources. By means of whole person training and education, those dormant resources are accessed, organized and stabilized for sustainable fitness and health. BodhiBuilding is the very first integrative paradigm orchestrating whole person fitness and health by uniting contemporary science and traditional wisdom.

 Revealing BodhiBuilding to be an attitude, an imperturbable understanding, is a new paradigm simply because it’s outside of the box of traditional, out dated notions of fitness and health. None of our traditional guiding models offer an integrated wisdom orientation. Instead they’re specialized, uncoordinated and fragmented — most often as not as old fashion, out dated stereotypes not up to speed with contemporary science and completely in the dark regarding wisdom traditions. It’s no small wonder we’re a nation of out of shape individuals in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis stemming from not understanding preventative self-care. Worse still, we’re not educated to gain an understanding of the simple, natural basic principles optimizing genetic expression of our lives as thriving fulfillment, fitness and health.

 For the first time, BodhiBuilding addresses and integrates the three dynamic aspects necessary for preventative self-care (including recovery of health) ensuring optimal exuberant thriving of your life.

 BodhiBuilding’s three foundational pillars are irreducible dynamic aspects of whole person health and fitness. You can’t emphasize one or two at the expense of the others: taken as a whole, all three are vital for optimal thriving due to their synergy. Synergy means the sum is greater than just adding up the parts. In order words, BodhiBuilding’s three pillar synergy can be expressed as 1+1+1>3! Those aspects are developed concurrently, together at the same time, bringing about integrative results. Better still, they give birth to fitness and health with an attitude.

 Of the three pillars, Noetics elevates BodhiBuilding beyond the pale ken of the fitness industry, the medical industry, the supplement industry, and others. Noetics moves you from passive ‘follow the leader’ investment in external authorities, purposefully empowering self-mastery by taken control of your attitude with self-understanding. Neither fitness nor medicine as we known them aims to develop self-mastery. Think of it this way: fitness and medical care are not aimed at you gaining sufficient self-understanding to be granted a diploma signifying having graduated. By keeping you bound to experts, you remain alienated as a stranger to your self. You run the risks associated with detrimental reliance with those treating you as a number or a statistic. Your health depends on gaining freed independence with self-understanding. That’s fitness and health with an attitude, with an imperturbable understanding.

 The Three Foundational Pillars of BodhiBuilding

 1. Dietary environment stresses optimizing health and fitness by means of conscious selection of nutrient dense whole foods and orthomolecular nutriceuticals. Nutriceuticals refers to what are commonly called supplements including but not limited to vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other natural substances enhancing one’s biochemistry as raw ingredients for a thriving metabolism. Other natural substances can include NAC (n-acetyl cysteine), cittruline malate, creatine monohydrate, and numerous others known to enhance wellness. Hormone replacement therapies are also included as optional to your dietary environment.

 2. Robust physical activity favors what is commonly thought of as bodybuilding for development and maintenance of healthy genetic expression slowing down the aging process and preventing degenerative diseases. In an era beset by myriad commercial panaceas for exercise, the simple, irrefutable fact is that for general fitness needs bodybuilding training is fast, simple, and efficient in satisfying the primary training goals associated with attaining sustainable health and fitness. Optimizing natural skeletal muscle builds an interest bearing reserve of vitality.

BodhiBuilding does not promote cookie cutter, one size fits all fitness solutions since it is client centered upholding the needs and dignity of individuals.

 3. Of the three foundational pillars of BodhiBuilding, Noetics is the least known and most significant. Noetic comes from the ancient Greek noēsis / noētikos, referring to that mix of personal subjective understanding, direct & unfiltered knowing, and a sense of inner wisdom.

 The first two foundational pillars, dietary environment and robust physical activity, are the centerpieces of traditional Physical Culture. Both are known to work close to miracles when genuinely understood and applied. Yet neither goes far enough in either comprehending or ensuring successful preventative resolution to today’s threats to personal thriving in fitness and health. Let’s call them necessary conditions, but only by themselves not sufficient conditions ensuring preventative self-care. Diet provides raw materials which activity signals your DNA programs to make biochemical use of for health and wellbeing; however, the greater Noetic environment plays a major role in metabolic health, or not.

 Some succeed with long term fitness and health. Sadly, the majority of persons undertaking self-improvement dramatically fail. The fitness industry thrives on failures: they sell annual  memberships, hoping only a small percentage makes use of them — were the majority of members regularly active, gyms would prove too small for the crowds using them! Training support rarely works well due to an absence of Noetic know-how.

 Introducing Noetics

 I’ve chosen to use Noetics simply because it’s not a well known word, hence far less likely to promote confusion or trigger adverse associations with words generally both over used and applied with myriad meanings. Much of our knowledge of Noetics comes from ancient wisdom cultures; however, over the last fifty years growing sophistication in the neurosciences has brought about a meeting of contemporary neuroscience and traditional wisdom know how resulting in emerging sciences (plural) of consciousness.

 Emerging new sciences of consciousness remain somewhat marginalized by traditional scientific orthodoxies. Conservative religions meet them with predictable knee jerk reactions.

Wisdom traditions from around the world share a common understanding of human consciousness. They teach us that there are two kinds of truth. One is the virtually unquestioned truths of our conventional world, including beliefs about the nature of reality, of people, and of ourselves. Beliefs constituting ‘ordinary reality’ are gained by  growing up within a specific culture — learned at home, at school, at church, and by means of information media. Most of us don’t question those beliefs, instead taking them for granted as ‘the way things are.’

The Paleolithic Prescription (1988) written by physician-anthropologists burst the bubble concerning common sense based taken for granted notions of health. The implications of the book are both far reaching and revolutionary. When you consider that 18% of the domestic national product is earned by the medical-industrial complex, a book showing that the rapidly escalating pandemic of degenerative diseases sweeping Western culture are due to adverse diet and lack of physical activity is simply a revolutionary insight. Add to that another significantly large portion of the DNP earned by the industrial food complex of business, and the significance of the book could be threatening to major segments of the economy. The book has not enjoyed great success in its 25 year history, and only with the Paleo movement of the past decade has a segment of society taken it seriously.

By no means is a sweeping condemnation of the food and medical movements implied. They are part and parcel of our culture, their activities largely composed of doing what’s culturally taken for granted as doing the right thing. Those who condemn them on the basis of ignorance or conspiracy have missed the point. The Paleolithic Prescription using tools of both medicine and cross-cultural anthropological analysis offered a moment of awakening we ought to take seriously by implementing the principle of awakening.

Traditional wisdom regards our taken for granted outlook and beliefs on life as a sort of ‘normal waking trance’ associated with post-hypnotic phenomena. Up to our first fifteen years of life are spent unquestioningly absorbing what we’ve been told is true. Beyond that, our education teaches us to think within those beliefs. We never question them. For wisdom traditions, we remain alienated and estranged to the nature of our own minds — we’re unknowing, unwitting captives of what’s taken for granted. And what’s taken for granted has exceptionally powerfully strong emotional roots. Too great a challenge to what’s taken for granted is scary, often feeling as if madness is intruding. For our emotional comfort and well being, dutifully adhering to ‘common sense’ keeps us safe and protected.

Wisdom traditions observe the normal waking trance to be one of woefully incomplete understanding of life. Worse still, a condition utterly devoid of self-understanding. Variously called endarkenment, illusion, or simply blindness, that condition is characterized by subconscious domination by our emotions making us subject to the chronic stress, alienation, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions plaguing contemporary life. In that respect, multiple billions of dollars are earned annually for use of psychiatric drugs treating those symptoms along with a huge industry of illegal drug use weakening the moral fiber of our population.

 The good news is traditional wisdom says you can doing something to free yourself, to optimize your experience of life — and in a way freeing you of anxiety and denial when it comes to making beneficial choices for options outside the box of taken for granted. Biggest still, the power to do that resides naturally within you. You just need to learn to harness the power of your consciousness.

 Here’s where I’ve chosen to use Noetics. The way out of the trap is training. Most all of the commonly used words bear lots of associations, many of the sort that a sane person would be skeptical about if not just run in the opposite direction! Tradition wisdom directs you to begin turning attention inward to your own consciousness. Words like meditation, contemplation, and others are commonly used. The odd thing is all those words come from Western religion, hence have next to no commonality with wisdom traditions. Noetics focuses on a mix of personal subjective understanding, direct & unfiltered knowing, and a sense of inner wisdom.

Beginning Noetic training teaches you how to calmly settle down then focus on a single phenomena inside yourself. Guess what? Something that simple reveals how scattered, fragmented, and distracted our ordinary, taken for granted consciousness amounts to. The technique is called mindfulness from the word vipassana. But mindfulness is a mistranslation of vipassana. the ‘vi-‘ prefix implies ‘nondual mindfulness’ — it’s aim is to get beyond being self-divided, to become wholehearted in focus. Most often mindfulness is taught as a sitting activity. Some short mindfulness sitting sessions throughout the day have immense whole person fitness and health benefits. Mindfulness is generally taught for stress management.

Noetic development goes beyond stress management. As your skills deepen, you will begin to ‘see through and rise above’ the subconscious programs that set off knee jerk reactions to stress. Recent studies have shown that as little as eight weeks of twice daily mindfulness workouts facilitate remodeling of brain activity resulting in less knee jerk stress reactions due to higher areas of the conscious prefrontal cerebral cortex taking over interpretation of environmental phenomena. And that’s just 8 weeks of learning.

There are several turning points along the wisdom way. Wisdom claims you can transform your consciousness to become liberated from emotional stress reactions. Proof of that occurs when you least expect it, in spontaneous moments of riveting clarity, freedom and unconditioned wellbeing or bliss. That doesn’t mean you’ve arrived — and simply means you’ve had confirming experience that motivates going further. Then comes a point when fitness and health arises seemingly all by itself as your attitude, as your understanding. It’s imperturbable because you can’t backslide or fall off the wagon.

 The Noetics of traditional wisdom call that decisive turning point becoming awake to the nature of self — empowering wisdom gained that sets you free and independent. That’s the cornerstone of health and fitness. Just consider the turmoil and failures, the roller coaster rides from one kind of physical training to another, one diet to another, always seeking solutions outside yourself through experts and gurus. An unstable situation rooted in personal instability caused by lack of knowing yourself. That spells stress.

Stress makes us sick and kills us. All the receptors of our brains exist in leukocytes, those white blood cells of our immune systems. Leukocytes carry neuropeptides to every one of the estimated 50-70 billion cells of our body. That means our emotions are systemic information to every cell of the body. Those messages move to cellular receptors, resulting in emotion as large molecules signaling your DNA. Stress messages stimulate catabolic or tissue disruptive genetic expression. Positive emotions circulating through your body to every cell are cause for rejoicing in benefiting cell repair and growth. Continuing stress suppressed your immune system. Long term subtly wears down and erodes your metabolism. Stress hormones make you gain fat. Yet if chronic stress is a ‘taken for granted’ condition, you’ll succumb to it.

For BodhiBuilding, Noetic practice transforms anaerobic training. That means no distracting video or television screens, no smart phones, and nothing else but development of pure mindfulness of training. You’re no longer lifting weights, you’re mindfully contracting muscles to move weights. You’re working for physiological states including pump, burn, hypoxia, and fatigue. And you’re not resting much between sets. Studies have shown mindful training accomplishes two ends: better training results and enhanced recuperation.

 That’s a brief introduction to BodhiBuilding. Real brief, and perhaps simplistic for that reason. Stay tuned for more.

BodhiBuilding training is available through Inquiries can be made there or by messaging me on Facebook.

 Beings raised in sub-optimum evolutionary circumstance will require some level of supra-evolutionary countermeasure to offset those effects.

©2014, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

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Genius Gene BodhiBuilding ̶ Orderly Chaos Training™

Normal, Abnormal and Meta-Normal Life

Human evolution isn’t finished & complete: it’s barely off the ground! The greater majority of mankind exists in a sub-human condition of imposed normality, blind & endarkened to the sleeping giants genetically endowed within us all. We face heretofore unprecedented challenges of healthy survival and thriving, ones grossly endangering future generations. Of all challenges to overcoming our extinction by ensuring a humane future for succeeding generations, health and wellness reign supreme. This post holds we must move from the encapsulating dominant social trance of abnormal ‘normality’ in favor of an actualization of our innate sleeping potentialities for becoming next humans, what I call meta-normal, or beyond-normal, self-actualizers.

The Norm: In-forming/Shaping Normality

Well into the second decade of the 21st century, it’s high time to update ourselves, leaving behind out dated, worn out ideas. That’s not an easy task. We’re supersaturated with them. It’s said an idea repeated a thousand times over becomes a de facto, ingrained ‘truth’ ̶ rendering dislodging such illusions a tough grind.

In our culture, the options are twofold: you’re either normal or abnormal. And we cautiously avoid being branded as abnormally deviant.

The truth be told, contemporary humans live lives of remarkable abnormality. We are deviants of our ancestrally forged, rich genetic heritage. In 1988 Eaton, Shostack, and Konner’s landmark breakthrough book The Paleolithic Prescription established that the non-infectious, non-communicable diseases Western civilization suffers from are unknown by surviving hunter/gatherer populations: both groups share exactly the same genes. So what gives?

21st century exercise physiology based on genomics & proteonomics ̶ the science of how our genes respond to signals triggering cascades of cellular biochemical responses ̶ indicates normal contemporary life is unfriendly & adverse to normal genetic functioning. Ancestrally inherited genetic wisdom is primed to make us healthy & thriving, enabling us to mate and pass on genes for living success to offspring.

Throughout our long evolutionary journey, almost from birth, kids’ development and survival hinged on being adroitly physically fit for survival into healthy adulthood and further mating. In our times, those closest to ancestrally normal are life long athletes.

Our entire medical-industrial system of accessing and diagnosing health rests on diagnoses and statistics accounting for contemporary living. By ancestral genetic expression, today’s normal is ancestrally abnormal. Yep. Our standard of normal is genetically abnormal. The Paleolithic Prescription didn’t go that far in its assessment only because it’s an artifact of the pre-genome era. Match it up with genomics/proteonomics and it’s findings become explosively revolutionary.

Medical use of the word insult means damage, trauma, injury. Contemporary standards of normal unwittingly characterize insults to your genetic potential for healthy thriving!

Bio-Markers Re-Visioned

Modern annual physical exams put focused attention on blood panels giving your physician a repertoire of bio-markers ̶ markers pin pointing vital biochemical measures of how you’re doing. Blood panels can range from a page or two to many pages. Contemporary usage of short form bio-markers look at readings that might be off centered and mandating prescriptions of pharmaceuticals to manage existing conditions such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, and the like. What they really measure is a whole different story.

Given that contemporary genetic expression results in abnormal human conditions, our bio-markers are indexed to human genetic abnormality. What’s more, medical notions of health mean ‘absence of disease.’ If you’re not sick, then you must be healthy. What’s wrong with this vision: simply put, it doesn’t characterize attributes of being healthy, instead merely says you’re not measurably sick.

Thanks to genomics and proteonomics, it’s now known that being sick is very different than being on the long journey of becoming progressively sick. Our blood panels do not and cannot measure the process of sickness onset. That process can take 20, 30 or more years. The biochemistry of slow metabolic erosion, steadily progressing breaking down, is merely under the radar of today’s testing. That means erosion is sure as hell going on and it just is outside of today’s technology of measurement and diagnosis.

That’s by no means true. There’s a real simple method of measuring degeneration in action. It’s as simple as measuring body composition. The big tell tale indicator of metabolic breakdown is early onset sarcopenia. Not sarcopenia as profound indication of muscle wasting. Just the slow erosive process. You can see it with the naked eye, needing no high technology tools. Expanding waist line, cellulite spoiling feminine thighs and hips, lowering sexual drive for men and women, loss of strength and firm muscle mass ̶ those phenomena blindly attributed to middle age.

Orderly Chaos Training™ ̶ The Meta-Normal Leading Edge

Tufts scientists prescribed anaerobic weight resistance training for preventing, stopping and reversing sarcopenia. Shortly thereafter, Dr Wayne Westcott’s applications resulted in two pioneering books demonstrating the efficacy of resistance training based on Nautilus/HIT principles at a Massachusetts YMCA. So successful has his work been that waiting lists resulted.

My work is focused in contributing to a grassroots revolution in preventative and rejuvenating self-care. Physical training is primary for preventing, arresting and reversing the grossly evident bio-marker of muscle loss and muscle wasting. We’re still stuck with 20th century ideas of training incongruent with 21st century science! Bodhi-Building’s Orderly Chaos Training™ moves training out of ‘normal’ 20th century cookie cutter training ideas, taking a quantum leap forward to training for meta-normal wellness.

What’s meta-normal? Meta-normal means ‘beyond or outside of normal.’ Normal training notions are rooted in 20th century strength and conditioning practices bringing success to athletic prowess. Standard approaches to fitness training amount to less intense, less demanding practices than those guiding athletic performance. Programs are written by a rote cookie-cutter approach falsely assuming one size fits all. Long term sustainability is easily measured by attrition of gym memberships driving the fitness industry to a feeding frenzy under the mantra of ‘recruitment and retention.’ Something’s drastically wrong if recruitment and retention drive an industry: success should breed waiting lists, not constant bait for getting referrals.

The task of meta-normal conditioning radically differs from standard practices. Rooted in emerging 21st science, Bodhi-Building’s roots are in bodybuilding ̶ the art and science of building enduring muscle. For a sedentary population sickened by lifestyle, muscle developing bodybuilding aims at developing genetically normal ancestral fitness. Bodhi-Building’s standard of meta-normality recognizes average, normal people get sick by virtue of under developed genetic requirements, hence our genetically normal person will become aesthetically athletic in appearance due to living up the their genes’ plans for them.

Why a basis in bodybuilding? Of all training and athleticism, bodybuilding is the master art and science of building lean muscle. Bodybuilding training puts primary emphasis on building high quality lean muscle mass, with considerations of absolute power and strength along with athleticism of secondary importance. For those afflicted by or entering into muscle wasting, your only sensible guiding objective is Stopping the Waste ̶ you’re reversing from Metabolic Syndrome to Genetic Thriving Syndrome!

Bodhi-Building orchestrates latest science in union with training know-how and wisdom producing fast results then sustains them for a lifetime. Workouts are not long, and are focused to the point. And progressive: in time, training should adapt to improved recuperative physiology facilitating expression for four to six brief sessions per week. With Noetic development, your conscious awareness grows to prevent the double edged sword of under training or over training.

So what’s the system, what’s its programs? There are none. We mentor individuals for their personal growth into self-mastery. With Orderly Chaos Training™ the substance of workouts changes from session to session. Why? There’s a wide range of options based on sets, reps, full and partial movements, step movements, static holds with mindfulness to appropriate Time Under Tension being paramount. Our training emphasizes training the wide range of dormant potentials. The other key is a meta-normal psychological principle that’s accessed, organized and then stabilized: intensity of effort, not measurable with weight on a bar but, instead, by emergence of self-mastery.

That’s an introduction to Bodhi-Building and its Orderly Chaos Training™, a rather lengthy one at that. The objective here has been introducing a revolutionary new way of meta-normal training addressing the health care crisis of our time ̶ an issue who’s resolution amounts to nothing less than an evolutionary step forward in human consciousness.

©2013, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

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Wise Up!

What prevents modern people from taking heed and putting into practice simple measures known to prevent onset of the degenerative diseases running ramped at pandemic levels in Western civilization? Is it a lack of will power? Cavalier disregard? Or steadfast believe disease is something that happens to other people?

It’s time to introduce wisdom’s perspective on the human dilemma. Wisdom traditions offer a meta-normal take on life, one rooted in breaking the taboo against knowing yourself. Born of training attention, concentration, wisdom results in an inner knowledge you can’t come by any other way. With wisdom, you become in tune with yourself. Of course, that means you become the authority regarding your wellness. With wisdom, all fooling yourself ceases in place of peace bestowing self-acceptance.

Our human wisdom heritage insists adopting pro-active preventative self-care is part of a bigger challenge: a crisis in consciousness itself. The ordinary, normal kind of consciousness guiding most folks is woefully incomplete due to being underdeveloped. Only through development of a fuller consciousness does wisdom to live by naturally emerge.

Wisdom can’t be learned from books or lectures. Mentors or coaches play a decisive role in developing wisdom only insofar as they’ve successfully made the journey themselves.

While our sciences continue in rapidly escalating acquisition of knowledge, corresponding increases in wisdom are not evident! In fact, traditional science often serves as a major obstacle to developing wisdom.

Western civilization was for long dominated by religious authority whose tight control depended on a form of mind control known as dogmatic faith in mandatory theological doctrines. The Church maintained its powerful authority by classifying certain states of consciousness as heretical. Heresy simply was not tolerated and could lead to excommunication, torture and imprisonment, even death by burning at the stake. In all cases, it was believed heretics would suffer everlasting damnation in hell.

Perhaps the most persecuted of all heresies was the gnostic heresy. Much of our knowledge of the gnostics is based on Church disinformation aimed at making them look foolish and evil. Gnostics were among the early Christians, however gnosticism is an orientation to gaining fuller consciousness known throughout the world.

Our English word ‘know’ comes from gnosis, and gnosis is commonly found as the core of words such as diagnosis and prognosis. Gnosis is Greek, and its ultimate word origin is the Sanskrit verbal root jñā. The word means knowing or understanding, but in a very special sense of the understanding that is wisdom.

Wisdom understands ordinary, conventional consciousness as a gnosis deficiency disorder ̶ in other words, incomplete and lacking in understanding. Ordinary, normal consciousness arises from social conditioning from birth: what’s learned in the family, at school, in church, job training, and by participation as a member of society. Network information media including radio, television, and the Internet seal the deal.

Going further, wisdom understands how ordinary consciousness is maintained at the expense of gnosis bringing about wisdom. Our wisdom heritages refer to ordinary conventional knowledge as a state of endarkenment ̶ being in the dark. It’s often referred to as illusionary, a waking dream life, or as a hypnotic suggestion created normal waking trace. It’s also our emotionally controlled safeguard ensuring sane membership in society.

Wisdom goes on to note the condition of ordinary life comes with side effects of endarkenment: fear, anxiety, stress, pressure, suffering and sorrow. By means of cultivating gnosis, one can gain liberating wisdom making those conditions manageable at first, and in the long run seeing through and rising above them as a renewed, free person.

Contemporary neuroscience and psychology add to wisdom’s perspective. Gnosis inducing practices or working out result in remodeling of our brains as evidenced by ‘before’ and ‘after’ MRI scans. Our normal condition of fear dominated fight or flight knee jerk reactions to life results in considerable gray matter associated with a little part of our brains known as the amygdala. As little as two months of twice daily short gnosis workouts results in remodeling of our brains in which that gray matter moves strengthening circuits used for our left prefrontal cortex to become the seat of objective, dispassionate interpretation of our environments and emotions. That transforms fear based limbic fight or flight reactions to responses from higher brain/mind functioning, reducing stress. What’s more, the insula is shown to become active, the seat of empathy, compassion and loving kindness.

That’s just one example of contemporary science catching up with what human wisdom traditions have insisted upon for several thousand years. Such science has a lot of catching up to do in its explorations.

Because Western culture was dominated by a reign of religious tyranny for most of its formative 2,000 years, practical application of the taboo against gnosis ̶ the taboo against knowing yourself ̶ prevented psychology from developing. At best, Western culture took ‘normality’ for granted, and as its psychology developed in the 20th century focused considerably on abnormality expressed as mental diseases. A part of the board examinations mandatory for gaining licensing as a psychologist includes testing of the comprehensive Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, apparently now in its fifth revised tradition. No correpsonding manual of characteristics of the liberated, wide awakened human potential exists! In that regard, our orthodox sense of mental health is markedly deficient and its scientific competency in woeful need of scrutiny. It should also be noted DSM bodes well as a diagnostic basis justifying prescriptions of pharmaceuticals as an admission of failure of the psychological enterprise to heal dysfunctional psyches.

Most ironic from the perspective of wisdom is that much of the scientific enterprise diagnoses emotional disorders, treats them with pharmaceuticals, and bases itself on a reductionist view in which matter and energy are the basics of the world. No discussion of consciousness occurs despite the fact that all science is an artifact of consciousness. Wisdom maintains that puts the cart before the horse. At best consciousness is somehow regarded as a side effect of our brains.

Badly bungling gaining a basic mapping of consciousness are the fields of the philosophy or religion and colonialist Orientalism. Due to persecution of the gnostic heresy, recognition of that ‘something vitally different’ at play in the gnostic liberation traditions of India and China has remained missed and unaccounted for by academics for several centuries. At best they repeat the scholarly axiom that all ‘religions’ are based on belief, so by identifying beliefs you’ve got understanding of alien, non-Western traditions nailed. And what a botched job they’ve done, rendering gnostic transformational psychologies as religious dogmas by means of misinterpretation.

From beginning of the Common Era, certain works were written in India counting as comprehensive mappings of the consciousness territory of awakened dormant human potentials. Such traditions are known in China and Islamic sufism as well. Simply put, we’ve missed the boat due to prideful tribal sluggishness. The result is that our contemporary Western mapping of the dormant human potential can be thought of as an early 17th century map of Africa, a few locations identified, the majority completely in the dark of endarkenment.

Our crisis today is one of evolutionary fitness rooted in a crisis of consciousness. Billions of years of physical and biological evolution brought about the first humans only 2 million years ago, and in only the last 50,000 years have we developed language and tools. With language we communicate, in time learning to communicate within ourselves, and later become self-reflective. From the first shamans down through seers and sages an archaic wisdom tradition developed. A blessing of the information age makes knowledge of our wisdom traditions available in books, on the Internet, through podcasts, videos, and the written word where just a few decades ago such was accessible only at great difficulty.

Noetics is the Third Pillar of BodhiBuilding ̶ a way of preventative self-care aimed at thriving of your genetic potential. Your genes are the other form of ancient wisdom written over billions of years of the long evolutionary adventure embodied as you, me, everybody in humanity. By means of gnosis oriented working out and training, irreversible certainty and peace overcome doubt, suffering, and indecisiveness.

A constant theme in fitness industry publications is member recruitment and retention, said to be a problem of motivating members to join gyms. Health and medical publications report that despite solid preventative advise, people just don’t follow it ̶ hence, get sick due to controllable environmental and personal responsibility issues. Clearly more is at stake than marketing and motivation ̶ and that’s a crisis in consciousness.

BodhiBuilding’s Three Pillars ̶ nutrient dense whole foods, robust physical activity, and Noetic training ̶̶ work in concert to access, organize, then sustain stability of your innate human potential for fitness and wellness. Of them, Noetic training aims to awaken your ability to give birth to a wisdom understanding transforming your life. Once accomplished, you’ll live that wisdom. It will be you!

BodhiBuilding contributes to a new frontier in wellness and fitness by developing whole persons. Once transition from uncertainty and confusion occurs, steadfast gnosis of fitness naturally emerges ̶ as a ‘lived in’ understanding of natural living.

Wise Up ̶ with wisdom.

©2013, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

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Renewal ̶ Letting It Rip!

This blog post has been a long time coming. A real long time ̶ it’s been brewing for 55 years. For most of that time discussion was limited, real limited. Only a year ago did certain internal pressures convince me it was time to quit hiding. Even then it’s taken a year to overcome decades of self-protective resistance for saying too much in public.

Joe Campbell used to advise us: “Follow your bliss and the world opens up to you.” I’ve learned the truth of that motto in personal, experiential form in the past year. Corollary to Joe’s remark is that when you don’t follow your calling by living an authentic life, then you pay for it.

In all honesty I’ve beaten around the bush about unleashing a name I invented nearly 20 years ago: BodhiBuilding. Bodhi is ancient Sanskrit meaning awake & awakening whereby one gains wisdom. No, not facts, data, ideology or dogma ̶ wisdom, a kind of knowing of your self, of your mind and emotions, a knowing bestowing peace and certainty. In that regard, wisdom is not something you learn from books, lectures, podcasts or other sources external to yourself. Wisdom is won by following methods taking you into depths of yourself which ordinary knowledge is clueless about. Wisdom arises from living by principles and techniques of self-mastery, hence bestows an uncommon freedom and imperturbable, fearless inner knowing.

Sound vague or airy fairy? That’s precisely why I’ve kept it to myself other than to a close circle of friends. The pressures of our times reflected in an absence of leadership in genuine, authentic health and fitness care mandate making wisdom known ̶ and underscore providing learning opportunities whereby individuals can become inner directed in understanding preventative self-care emphasizing fullest flowering our genome’s inherent wisdom for thriving in exuberant vitality. As things stand, government and insurance endorsement of vast cartels of monopolies whose inferior processed food makes us sick, of sedentary living breaking down the integrity of genomically determined healthy metabolism, and a medical-industrial system which hopelessly maintains unnecessary illness by prolonging life with erosive degeneration are simply unacceptable. So too is a fitness industry out of touch with contemporary research findings in which our genome is telling its story, is voicing its natural requirements for thriving, exuberant living.

Yes, wisdom sounds extremely airy fairy, but only because we’ve learned to discount our feelings, our intuitions, our inner sense that something’s missing hence something’s not right. We’re trained to invest our emotions in external authorities, thereby displacing any inward sense of credibility. Our feelings just aren’t legitimate. Kowtow to the experts ̶ and you’re clearly not an expert about your self, about your body, about your mind, about your vitality. Since we’ve learned to NOT trust our intuitions, any suggestion of regaining and renewing that inner well spring of wisdom is discredited as airy fairy.

The genomic revolution is making great strides, largely in exercise physiology. I sincerely hope for a merging of medical physiology and exercise physiology bringing about a comprehensive understanding of the wide spectrum from therapeutics to peak performance. Even more so, I hope such a spectrum of vitality redefines health as a vacuum like condition of absence of disease to one articulating the presence of robust, thriving passion for life. Only then will we have a comprehensive vision of life rooted in nature.

BodhiBuilding emphasizes Original Nature, Essential Wisdom. It does so by emphasis on Three Pillars of Fitness/Wellness. All three are integrative aspects of a whole, healthy living organism. You can’t do just one or two. None are a primary cause, and all three are inseparably interrelated.

One is nutrient dense whole foods. That’s a phrase full of ambiguity. Whole foods includes supplementary items including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a range of nutriceuticals constantly being discovered in laboratories. While I love the Paleo movement, I’m painfully aware that it’s not up to speed with complimentary and alternative medicines which often treat nutrient deficiency disorders with nutrients, herbs, even hydrochloric acid to offset lack of its production due to compromised ‘foods’. Nutrient dense is not as simple as organic foods. Especially not with those past 30 or 40 with compromised metabolisms.

Pillar two is robust physical activity, and item gaining incredible provisioning from genetic based evolutionary exercise physiology laboratories. The majority of our fitness ideas are hand me downs from the 20th century’s pre-genome era. Since the late 1970s, the fitness industry has increasingly pandered commercial theories of training, not scientific ones, to an unsuspecting public ready to part with cash in hope of salvific restoration of some degree of fitness. From the late 1980s it was established that muscle wasting is primary to metabolic syndrome, and that the key to avoiding non-infectious, non-communicable degenerative diseases lies in maintaining muscle mass, which for most means gaining attractive, shapely lean muscle mass. In the past decade we’ve come to understand two dimensions of resistance training, and application of sarcoplasmic muscular development to be of primary importance in the muscle building/maintaining war against disease. That’s a new paradigm in training, and I’m one of it’s paradigm pioneers.

The third pillar is called Noetics since there’s no unique name for it yet. Noetics is describable as auto-regulation, as voluntary control of the autonomic nervous system, and a host of other names. The reason for so many names is so many academic and clinical specializations work with aspects of it, rarely seem to talk to one another, so we’re far from approaching an integrative, synoptic understanding. That’s a pity because those wishing to contract for services have to run a gauntlet of guess work and discovery. Bottom line is this: we inherently possess incredible resources making up an amazing dormant human potential.

BodhiBuilding integrates Noetic training into the warp and woof of your everyday life with attention and mindfulness training practices. You exercise your muscles and body, you exercise dormant capacities and functions of your conscious and unconscious mind, and you learn to make healthy food choices. Yes, your renewal is a new lease on life as both an art and a science.

Watch for regular blog posts from now on. Coming up next year is BodhiBuilding’s official website A place holder version of the site is online, one allowing for signing up on our mailing list. Although the site will swing into full operation with the new year, we are accepting applications on a limited basis for those wishing to enroll in remote BodhiBuilding training. Remote training works best because the small number of persons on the leading edge of the cusp of evolution’s next step are widely scattered. Thanks to ever enhanced technology, remote training is as good as hands on work.

My thanks to those who’ve goaded me for a year: my wife Karan being first and foremost. And some credible folks who you can Google to learn more about: Frank Zane, Marty Gallagher, Fred “Dr. Squat” Hatfield, PhD, and Tommy Suggs. Thanks too to Mark Alexander, Mike Graham, Sara Gustafson Eye, Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner.

Until next time, Happy Trails to You Until we Meet Again.

©2013, Ken O’Neill. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited.

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