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We are lived by powers we pretend to understand. — W.H. Auden

We — crew members and passengers of Spaceship Earth — are moving at breakneck speed to myriad, deeply intertwined survival challenges and outright catastrophes. Most all of us know that, and we’ve known it for decades. What’s being done to redirect it? The major political, economic and religious powers pay lip service at best.

We’re facing a crisis in our evolution. Not our physical evolution this time. Far greater and heretofore unprecedented we’re facing a challenge to individual and cultural evolution. Sages have said as much for centuries while remaining marginalized, dismissed, demeaned, demonized and ghettoized by standard orthodox authority.

For much of European history expression of wisdom was criminal activity — illegal, taboo, forbidden, of criminal nature leading to punishment by torture, even execution. For orthodox institutions of cultural mind control, that era was The Age of Faith — otherwise, maverick, outlaw free thinkers knew it as the Dark Ages. The Italian Renaissance precipitated through re-discovery of the most forbidden of all heresies, the gnostic heresy.

Let’s make the gnostic heresy modern by a trick of language: a gnostic person is now known as a Gnower. Not to be confused by a rationalizing, vulnerable ‘knower’. Revitalizing the noble, heroic character of outlaw free-thinkers with nothing to lose in the miserable Dark Ages, let’s become mutants breaking out of modern Endarkened times. Gnowers of the Dark Ages re-visioned who we are, and what we are — their guiding maps often suppressed and censored ancient wisdom gainfully employed and renewed in their times to awaken otherwise dormant human potentials.

The task of the Italian Renaissance remains incomplete, except this time it’s the Evolutionary Life Cultural Renaissance.

This website envisions itself as akin to the X-Men’s Professor Xavier’s Cerebro, a high tech device amplifying brainwaves and telepathy, reaching out across everywhere, connecting to other Outsider mutants from orthodox enslavement. While X-Men are accidental super heros, Gnowers are intentionally ‘on purpose’ connoisseurs  of our forbidden yet dormant super nature — entirely natural and inborn.

This Evolutionary Life Cultural Renaissance is not a doctrine, nor dogma, nor commercial enterprise. It’s instead a place of discovery, experimentation, education, all promoting emergence of a subculture empowering and enabling first flowering of Survival of the Wisest. Recognizing the Gnower within you endorse vibrant root stock within which mastery of your Bigger Life grows.

In this our initial development we offer a preliminary beginning menu: several blogs, podcasts with more to come, and a resource referral section. We don’t pretend to ‘know it all’ nor present a laughable TOW – Total Theory of Everything. We’re just too early in the action of becoming familiar with the rich variety of human capabilities both ancient and with the super discovery power of our sciences working in orchestrated cahoots. Our job, for now at least, is reporting, speculating, discussing. And bringing experts cognisante on board with even more perspectives.

A unique section is practical, pragmatic Bodhi Building. As a young athlete fascinated with rumors of a mind-muscle connection I made it my business to learn it, to master it. Long ago our orthodox institutional experts laughed in my face. I ended up doing a MA in a Japanese Buddhist University, then advanced training and certification in Kyoto, Japan. Why? They had no notion of a mind-muscle connection, instead understood embodied mind as a seamless, organic experience of our nature.

So I’ve had a head start. Not in Asian religion. The whole concepts of Buddhism, Hinduism and Daoism — where -ism brands something foreign based on outsider ignorance failing to understand — need to be abandoned. None of them are religion or philosophy in the sense of European institutions. None of those cultures were repressed by Dark Age periods outlawing free thinking — nor making understanding of gnowing our minds illegal. They are, instead, arts and sciences of consciousness and energy. With tremendous importance to the range from therapeutic healing, to fitness, to peak performance. Western culture’s advances in neurosciences bring powerful metric tools helping unravel the mysteries of consciousness while the parasciences bring into view experience heretical to Western Faith based religion and Faith based Scientism. That’s just for starters. We have no taboos and are shameless doing real authentic research.

Bodhi Building is reinforced by all the other sections, however is unique as a vehicle for self-actualization still unknown outside of Asia. Our forefathers came from cultures of sin and guilt, so understanding spirituality of energy and consciousness to be fun, celebration, play & sport, ecstatic & sexual scared them. Bodhi Building is the Wilderness (that is, wild-er ness) of human nature, nothing tame and repressive about it. Rather than practice or devotion, you can learn to court and playfully bring out your culturally suppressed Fullness/Lightness of Life.

Kokoro Institute’s website invites other Co-Evolutionary Gnower mavericks and mutants to  join in.

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